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Material Swap
Nov/Dec Swap and 2007 Swaps 
7th-Jan-2007 12:55 pm
The Tools of Creativity
Nov/Dec Swap stuff went out (almost) on time last month. Everyone should have their things by now, please let me know if you don't! : ) I will make another post with pictures as soon as I get those pictures taken.

For 2007, I want to open this community up a bit more to the members. I will continue to host bimonthly themed swaps. However, due to the insanity of the holiday season and my own job search (interview next week, yay!), I am going to offset them a month. My first swap for this year will be a Feb/March Swap. Feel free to leave any theme suggestions in the comments to this post.

Additionally, I encourage you all to use this community to facilitate swaps you are especially interested in. Whether it be a one time swap or one that will run on a regular basis. Themed or not, with fixed value requirements or not. Feel free to utilize this community for coordination as long as you are swapping materials.

I'm looking forward to the swaps for 2007!
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