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Material Swap
Feb/March 2006 Swap 
1st-Feb-2007 07:42 am
The Tools of Creativity
Okay folks, here is the deal for the Feb/March swap. I've gone ahead and pre-selected a theme--but one with LOTS of room to wiggle around-- LOVE, ROMANCE, and FRIENDSHIP.

Here is the schedule:
Today (Feb 1st)- Feb 8th- Sign up for the swap
Feb 9th Email will go out with more detailed instructions and a mailing address
Feb 9th-Feb 28th Gather your materials and send them to me!
March 1st-15th- I will sort out the materials and send them back out

And as always here are the rules:
The swap is open to any number of people, however you will not be responsible for sending in materials for more than about 5 other people. As the number of swappers increases, I will simply create more "swap groups". I do my absolute best to create groups that have roughly "equivalent" items in them. To see an example of how the swap materials get divided, see this post for pictures of the July/August swap which was made up of two groups.

As in every swap, if you wish to participate you will need to be able to commit to the dates above and to sending in the following items:

4 items for each person participating
A return envelope 6"x9" or larger
6 postage stamps (or equivalent)*

*Please do not attach to the return envelope, that way only the amount necessary will be used and the rest can be returned to you.

To sign up, please respond to this post with an email address that you check regularly. This email address will be used when I send out the specifics of the swap including the address they need to be mailed to.
7th-Feb-2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
twist my rubber arm
I am in
art_ iva _ o at yahoo dot com
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