Material Swap

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What is a "material swap"?

Very simply a material swap allows artists to trade materials that they have on hand, but have no real use for, with other artists.

So what kind of stuff can you swap?

In the past, swappers have included things like paper, stickers, feathers, beads, buttons, ribbon, string, and more. While we do believe that "one man's trash is another man's treasure", there is also a point at which trash is just that, trash. In general, swap materials are left to your good judgement. However, if the material that you send in is absolutely sub par, the mod will simply return your things to you. The key here is to think about both what people have access to and what they can use. Notebook paper is something that everyone has easy access to, however, handmade paper or paper with neat patterns and designs is perfect. The litmus test is to think "Would I be happy to receive this?".

You do not need to buy things specifically for the swap. If you would like to, no one will stop you, but the idea is to be able to trade things that you have on hand. : )

Click the links below to see pictures of the results of previous swaps:
May/June 2006
July/August 2006
September/October 2006

To see even more pictures, just look at the entries tagged 'pictures'

How does it work?

It's really very easy! You gather up your things (4 things per person) and send them to the mod with an addressed return envelope and some postage. The mod then re-distributes everyones' things and mails them back.

How often do you swap?
This community is still brand new, so right now we are going to start with swaps every two months.

What do you use the stuff for?
The very first material swap was comprised entirely of people who make ATCs (see artist_cards for some more examples). Since ATCs are small, they are the perfect use for little odds and ends. This community is NOT limited to ATC artists only, however, swappers need to be cognizant of the scales that their fellow swappers work at.

Can I join the community?

Absolutely! Just click on the "join community" link at the top of this page.

Can I join a swap?

Sure, check the community for the current swap sign-ups and more information about each swap. : )


Once you join, please make a post to the community with the following information:

Name: (lj or real)
Type of Art you Create: (Anything at all)
Favorite Media: (Oil paint? Acrylic? Collage? Pastels? Watercolor? Fabric?... )
Anything Else: (You can use this space to tells us anything else you think is important or to show us pictures of your past work. Please be respectful and use a lj-cut if it is more than one paragraph or one picture.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the mod, mrs_dragon at mrs.dragons.atcs at gmail dot com.

If you use google calendar and would like to have the current deadlines added to your calendar, click on the button below.